Safety & CAA Compliancy


Since we are a licensed operator of drones –  we must operate under strict guidance as provided by the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) – as failing to do so, will void our insurance policy/public liability agreement.

Every job shall be individually risk assessed to make sure we can operate safely – however, please see below for our minimum requirements.

We must:

  • Never fly beyond our maximum height of 400ft (120m)
  • Never fly beyond our maximum radius of 500m (from the take off point)
  • Gain permission from the landowner (where we plan to take off and land)
  • Never fly over roads, buildings or people which are not under our control
  • Never fly within 150m of a crowd of people not under our control
  • Never fly within 50m of any vehicles or buildings not under our control

The first step in the process involves us requesting a post code or location of where you would like to film. We can usually complete our planning using online tools. However, sometimes we might need to visit the location before-hand  to determine if a flight is possible – and can be carried out safely.

The pilot in command always has the final say on whether or not the location/flying conditions on the day are ‘safe for flight’.


SkyVisuals and its aerial flight platform and image capture systems have been tested by RUSTA (Rheinmettall Unmanned Systems Training Academy). RUSTA is a CAA approved training academy that delivers the highest quality UAV training to candidates from all industries and backgrounds.

Our aerial flight system is equipped with a fail safe system, where the drone will automatically return-to-home. The system can be activated if the pilot is incapacitated or the radio signal link is lost between the transmitter and the drone.


The drone industry is growing at a fast rate every year, and with the cost of drones decreasing every year, this is opening up the opportunity for anyone to offer aerial services.

However, anybody who flies a drone commercially must be licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. This is required by law. Anybody operating without CAA permissions will not be insured, will not have public liability and will be breaking the law.

To ensure the the safety of the public, and everyone involved with drone operations, you should only hire licensed drone operators such as SkyVisuals.

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