Planning an aerial drone shoot

A brief overview

When planning an aerial drone shoot, there are certain processes we must follow to make sure that each project is safe and legal within the rules set by the CAA.

To begin any project, we’ll need to know the following:


Please send us a full brief explaining your requirements and what you wish to achieve so we can establish whether or not your expectations are safe and legal with regards to the CAA restrictions that we are bound by.


We’ll need to know your proposed date you need us for so we can establish whether or not we are free to .


We prefer map coordinates or a postcode so we can determine the suitability of the location where you want us to take-off and fly within. If you are unsure please let us know if you plan to shoot in an urban or rural environment.


What do you want us to film/photograph? A property, people, cars, an event etc.


After we’ve confirmed that the job is possible in terms of permissions set by the Civil Aviation Authority, we will then begin our PRE-FLIGHT PLANNING.
This involves thorough research of the proposed location where the shooting is requested to take place to see if there are any other factors or permissions which need to be considered.

Why choose SkyVisuals?

CAA Licensed

We are fully icensed with our PfCO (Permissions for Commercial Operations) granted by the CAA.


Our CAA licensed pilots trained at RUSTA. RUSTA is a centre of excellence for commercial drone pilot training in the UK.


We are insured by industry leaders ‘Hiscox’ for full commercial usage of our drones and associated equipment.


To give everyone piece of mind and trust, we have £1 million public liability insurance should we ever need it.

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