Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are. SkyVisuals is fully licensed, with our PfCO or ‘Permissions for Commercial Operations’ granted by the CAA. Our UAV pilots attended the RUSTA flight school.

We are legally bound to work within the limits imposed by the CAA. But this does not mean we cannot get truly spectacular aerial footage or photos! Quite the opposite. The UAV can travel unto 400 feet, and unto 500 metres away from the pilot, giving us a 1000 metre radius to work within, which is ample. The drone can fly at speeds of upto 45mph!

Our aerial drone system can fly for around 20 minutes on a single battery, however for safety reasons we like to land at around the 17 minute mark. Currently we carry six batteries pre-charged and ready to go, enabling a total average flight time of 102 minutes. We are able to recharge if there is a power supply nearby too.

Yes. We are fully insured for the commercial use of our drone and associated equipment. We also have public liability cover for upto £1 million.

All job requests will be priced on an individual basis, and is determined by a number of different factors including:

  • Location
  • Calculated risk
  • Duration
  • Pre-flight requirements (if needed)

No. Our drones are registered with the CAA and can only be flow legally by our qualified, CAA licensed pilots.