Inspections and surveys

Aerial inspections using drones offers many positives advantages over traditional methods of inspection. Our platform enables us to position a hi-res camera in almost any dangerous, risky or hard to reach place. Whether you require aerial inspection at heights up to 400ft, over a cliff edge or above a body of water, indoors or outdoors – we are here to provide a friendly and reliable aerial inspection service.

Our drone makes it easy for you to see what’s going on, whilst mitigating risk, saving time and driving down costs – but most importantly improving safety.

You not only get a live feed to monitor what the drone sees in real-time, but you also get an UltraHD (Four times the clarity of 1080p HD) recording of anything during the inspection, aswell as 12-megapixel stills.

From simple progress reports on current construction, property inspection or monitoring cattle on farms. We can even follow pipeline, power lines, right of ways, natural or man-made paths, up close or from a birds eye view.

The bottom line is – our aerial inspections service will mitigate risk, save you time and money, and above all improve safety.



  • Wind turbines
  • Solar panel installations
  • Gas refineries
  • Power lines

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