Construction site drone surveys

Surveying construction site with drones. Offering building inspections, aerial site surveys and progress monitoring.

We provide aerial HD video and hi-resolution aerial photographs of your construction or engineering project.

Stay ahead of the competition with our construction and engineering aerial video and photo drone service.

Working alongside your team we can help you document and monitor progress at any stage of the construction process. Using our drones we work with you to your capture your construction site from upto 400ft, offering you or your client a unique perspective at a fraction of the cost of a manned flight.

SkyVisuals number one priority on all jobs is safety. We have been granted full permissions for commercial work from the Civil Aviation Authority and adhere to strict standards and operating procedures.

We also specialise in video production and can produce a professionally edited video complete with graphics, text, your logo and soundtrack if necessary.

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Adding value to any phase of your construction project

Pre Construction

  • Scope your intended project site with hi-res aerial video and photos
  • Strengthen your bid with HD photos and video – give your estimator the full picture of your project with a view that enables identification of features impossible to view from ground level
  • Survey the area to capture factors such as proximity to major roadways, transport, water, amenities, parks, privacy.
  • Provide post-project views from any height/angle for exhibition to your clients – let them see what kind of views they can expect once the project is finished.

During Construction

  • Remote project management – we can carry out periodic site checks and upload the data to the cloud which you can access anywhere, giving you an aerial snapshot of progress.
  • Access to multiple vantage points above the site – to perform detailed aerial inspections of points not reachable any other way.
  • Inspire confidence in your client by providing evidence their project is being completed on schedule with Ultra HD digital images/video of construction.

Post Construction

  • Aerial photo/video to showcase your finished project – share online or distribute via digital media
  • Record of build from start to finish – provide your team with a sense of achievement

Showcase your construction project with bespoke video production

Let us handle post production and provide you a stunning video to showcase at your next meeting

Brand your final video with your company logo to increase brand awareness when sharing online

We can add custom motion graphic overlays to highlight project-centric information and figures.

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If you would like to hire us for aerial videography or aerial photography, we would like to know as much about the project so we can assess the requirements.

Ideally, we need to know the following things:

  1. Location of proposed flight (post code is usually sufficient)
  2. Date of proposed flight (or schedule if multiple flights are required)
  3. Service required (video or photography)
  4. Subject (are we shooting property, cars, people etc)

Simply click the button below and fill out our contact form with as much detail as possible and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

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Why use drones for construction or engineering projects?

Drones provide a remote non-intrusive way to collect site data quicker and cheaper than ever before. Traditional methods (walking the site, surveying, laser scanning) require someone to have feet on the ground, which creates potential interference with work and safety problems for personnel.

Our pilots trained with RUSTA – one of the UK’s leading UAV training providers.

We have our Permission For Commercial Operations (PFCO) granted by the CAA.

We are insured by Hiscox and have £1 million public liability for the commercial usage of our drones and equipment.